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Strategy and Tactics

African Freedom Revolution "AFR" 2021 Local Government Elections Strategy and Tactics. Strategies
1. Local Economic Growth

1.1 AFR calls for Cooperative Banks in each District
The main aim is to abolish the tendering System and introduce business entrepreneurs to address the issue of unemployment by creating decent permanent jobs opportunities.

2. Coordinate and produce Cooperative Systems and local entrepreneurs, and provide them with necessary training and workshops to ensure the effectiveness of cooperatives.

2.1 Agriculture Cooperatives

  • Municipality will assist cooperatives to secure land for agriculture even through Amakhosi for plantations, supply seeds and create markets for production.
  • Assist and supply agricultural cooperatives with adequate livestock to begin means of production.
  • Eggs fertilizer Machine to get more eggs, chicks, chicken to sell and abettors to make chicken mixed potions for wholesaler and offer to restaurants.

2.2 Industrialization cooperatives
2.3 Panel beating of cars
2.4 Fitting tires
2.5 Welding

2.6 Car Mechanism and Servicing

  • Municipality will utilize this mechanic's to fit and service municipality vehicles.

2.7 Small businesses upliftment.

  • Tuck-shops to be Subsidized and empowered to run the business.
  • Salons Subsidized and empowered to run the business.
  • B&B and Guests houses etc. subsidized and powered to run the business.
  • Sewing individuals will be grouped into a cooperatives to sewing the school uniforms, Clinics, hospitals, municipality workers and further their skills on clothing design for Mzansi clothing factories.

2.8 RDP's cooperatives.

  • Bricklayers, Carpenters, Electricians and Plumbers will be grouped into cooperatives to build municipality projects, for renovations, and maintenance.

2.9 Establish Municipality Youth Cooperatives leadership Desk to ensure that development skills workshop/training are being entertained.

  • All trained Youth will be allocated according to their skills including local graduates.

2.10 Water and Sanitation cooperatives

  • First we eradicate all the current debt to household and businesses rates
  • Ensure every household must have water meters installation.
  • There will be free installation of water to all citizens to stop illegal connection and build municipalities that has a mutual understanding of rates and services with its communities.

2.11 Electricity Cooperatives

  • New Electricity Power Plant that will compete with the existing Eskom agent to make electricity cheaper and affordable to the community. This will also hinder or decrease illegal electricity connections.
  • Establish one electricity Cooperative in each ward to deal with electricity maintenance.
  • To ensure one house, one prepaid electricity meter for all citizens. This will come with free installation of electricity to local citizen and businesses

3. Corruption

  • AFR will fight any form of corruptions where it leads and expose where doesn't lead the Municipalities
  • Our Municipalities will ensure 80% employment to that local municipality, secure 100% of youth in-service training and SETA programs.

4. Access Roads Cooperatives

  • Each ward will form a cooperative to conquer ward access roads, pavements, trees & grass cutting and, storm waters including road signs. The local municipalities will provide materials for creation of job opportunities

5. Sports and recreation

  • Each ward will have its own recreation facilities and will be maintained by sports cooperatives
  • Create different sports leagues and jobs to keep our youth occupied and away from drugs

Vote for AFR if you need REAL change in your area. We need progress, We need a Godly government that will not steal taxpayers' money.