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What is AFR (African Freedom Revolution)?

It is a political organization in South Africa that was established in the 11th of October 2018 by the prominent religious leaders from National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NICSA) and commission of religious affairs (CRA) together with prominent political leaders who were fighting for fuel increase,vat increase and electricity increase.

It's a diverse political party that was fighting for corruption inequality, racism,human rights,Justice and unGodly laws.

A brief history of the AFR:

Afr was established on the 6th June 2018, a combination of members of National Interfaith Council of South Africa(NICSA), Commission of Religious Affairs(CRA) and other Civil Organizations country wide after Forming a group called People Against Petrol Pharaphin Price Increase(PAPPPI) and registered as an official Political Party on the 11 of October 2018 as a Voice of the Voiceless and seek to introduce Godly Government and Godly leadership liberating South Africa from Corruption and unGodly Laws.

The Main Issues by that time were:
Patrol Increase rapidly
Vat increase from 14% to 15%
Electricity increased by 36%

Relationship between GCMR and AFR

The GCMR was established on the 20th of March 2020 after the Announcement of the State of Emergency by President Cyril Ramaphosa where the government was dictating to the Church by down sizing it into 100 before Easter Services after consulting European Foreign Organisation called South African Council Of Churches(SACC) and sidelining Indigenous Churches.The President Ramaphosa removed the church from Essential Sectors and grouped the Church with Taverns,Soccer and other entertainment sectors. The church was the only sector that never received relief Grant's instead the dignity of the church was tarnished during the country lockdown

GCMR fought the dignity of the church through Adv Zerhi Ormah,the one who presented the Muslims after their Mosque was attacked by the Police during the Lockdown. GCMR drafted the Guidelines, trained more than 2200 churches Safety Officers, registered more than 400 churches and re-registered 508 deregistered Churches as a requirements from the President's lawyers to release the church on level 3 on the country lockdown.

On the 8th to 10th July 2020 the GCMR had a National Conference at Loli's Lodge in Newcastle where the Conference took a decisive decision that since AFR was formed by Leaders of Faith then the GCMR also will use that wing to Advance Governance power and ensure that GCMR contest 2021 Local Government Elections through AFR in all wards in South Africa and the mandate was to Produce Godly Government and Godly leadership Change the Status core of the church from Entertainment to essentials Free the Country from unGodly Laws including chapter 9 institutions of regulating the churches. Make the country conducive for God even during pandemics. Giving worship sites especially to the churches in schools and Government halls after being closed down by Government.

Provide Grant's to the churches and lead social ills programmes. Utilizing church buildings for community skills development to improve lives of disadvantaged people.

The Afr has got the Alliance of other churche organizations and civil organizations which promotes the same vision of pursuing Godly values to the entire world.


The African Freedom Revolution democratic sense of "liberal" refers to social liberalism, an ideology that seeks a balance between individual liberty, social justice and the common good. Like classical liberalism, social liberalism supports the market economy and the expansion of civil rights to all citizens.

Umhlaba wonke ezandleni zabantu,umnotho wonke ezandleni zabantu, sivale igebe kwabanothi nabampofu Kanjani???
- Ngokuqeda uhlelo lwamatenda, nokulekelela osomabhizinisi abancane.

Land Distribution, sharing economic resources, bridging the gap between the poor and richer. The How part??? - Abolish tendering system and support small businesses. AFR was established and envisioned on Education and skill development to emerge economic growth in South Africa and make Africa the first stop in sharing economic resources. Ref Mathews 16 vrs.18 Jesus said, Peter on this rock I will build my church, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Manifesto ethekwini citizens

Abolish Tendering System and promote businesses entrepreneurs and Cooperatives Systerm to free Metro from Corruption.

Employe 99% of people of Ethekwini,99% in-service training for youth of Ethekwini,99% bursaries for the leaners of Ethekwini,and employe 60% of Youth in the Municipality to celerate service delievery through technology and skills development.

Renovate Metro building for Accomodation and businesses, Town Ships and add more RDP houses with infrusture which is Roads,Storm waters etc

Wipe all Services debt including water and electricity from business sector till ordinary citizen of Ethekwini and fomulate new method of paying services at a lower costs.

Provide Support grants to all Small businesses like tuckshop ,Salons etc in terms of rates and services and bring back South African Citizens to the ownership of businesses to be part of economic growth especially in the Cities.

Metro will surrender other businesses to Ethekwini Business entrepreneurs like buses ect to be in full control of buseness entrepreneurs to ensure a quality of employment that will address unemployement of ethekwini people under supervision.

Rewal of factories and other sectors business of Metro economy to address unemployment and make sure all businesses sectors meet minimum wage standard without fail including China Malls and those business who fail to comply will close down for exploitation of our people.