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AFR Youth Liberation Movement

What is the role of the Youth

The youth plays a great role in nation- building It has the power to help the country develop and move towards the progress and bringing social reform within the country and also determine the future of the nation.

Asking teenagers to contribute base on their skills and interests can help them feel involved in building the nation

Youth empowerment Job facilitation and placement scheme to match young job seekers with job offers from companies use of Government programmes and incentive to create new jobs for young people and mentoring of young business entrepreneurs and business start-up assistance

Creating more employment
1.Diversication of Agriculture
2 cheap credit
3 Provision of basic facilities
4.Promotion of local industries
5 Improvement of basic Education and skills development to increase businesses entrepreneurs and emerge compitative economy. .

Rural Youth development strategy
1.Farmers should diversify agriculture and adopt horticulture, animal rearing, organic farming, piscicultural besides farming.
2 Government should take necessary steps to provide loans to farmers at the cheapest rates and from formal sources of credit.

This employment can help to alleviate poverty through the following means : Generation of funds for the Government When citizen are gainfully employed, it became easy for them to pay their taxes and rates, and this money can then be used to develop youth in so many areas in the economy and alleviate poverty for getting basic needs that include food, nutrition, health services, education, water, sanitation and shelter.

Youth employment strategies
-Agriculture as an engine
-Self employment
-Expand services
-Technology of organisation
-Promote small enterprises
-upgrade skills
-Develop exports
- innovate organizationally
-Extend basic education
-Disseminate information
-increase the velocity of money and other transaction
-Revamp High Education
-Employment planning